7 awesome spots you cannot miss in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is the most breathtaking scenic place I've ever been to! Just the view points are worth taking the four-hour-drive from the coast to the National Park. After two days in Yosemite, I've decided which spots are must sees when you're on a short time and how to camp in the park. You can spend a week in Yosemite and still see new things everyday, but if you're in a rush like me, then check out my favourite parts here!

1. Mono Lake

Just outside of Yosemite National Park, we found this turquoise/blue salt lake. The landscape here is something else. You find the lake along the famous Road 395 where the Sierra Nevada mountains companies you on one side and the driest dessert on the other.

2. The Road to Yosemite

There's only two ways/entrances into Yosemite and they go on forever! Luckily, they are full of beautiful mountains, rocks, lakes and other scenic views. You can get face-to-face with the snow on Sierra Nevada even though it's 25 degrees celcius. You might also meet a bear or a mountain lion on your way so watch out! We arrived from the Eastern side and on our way to Yosemite Valley we stopped at Tuolomne Meadows and Tenaya Lake. The admission fee for the park was $30 for one vehicle and is valid for seven days.

3. Yosemite Valley

The valley is the easiest way too see as much beautiful nature as possible on the shortest time, which also makes it the most touristed. However, Yosemite Valley do have some awesome nature that I wouldn't miss. Especially the famous Yosemite Falls, which is the sixth highest waterfall in the world. Bridalveil Falls is also worth the trip and both only takes a short walk. The good part about the Valley, is that you can park your car for free and take the free shuttle bus to all the sights.

Yosemite Valley is also one of the main camp spots, but it can be very hard to get a spot. Either reserve in advance or try somewhere else - maybe outside of the park. However, even if you're not camping here, it's still possible to use the showers for a small fee (which is nothing if you instead are camping for free somewhere else).

4. Glacier Point

The best place in Yosemite National Park is Glacier Point. It overlooks the valley and it's perfect for sunset or sunrise. We arrived just in time for sunset and ate dinner with a view. From Glacier Point you can see Upper Yosemite Falls and the famous Half Dome.

5. Taft Point

If you have time, then Taft Point is on the way to Glacier Point. It's a few miles/kilometers walk from the road, however, when you get there it's as scary as it's cool. Taft Point is full of steep rock edges. I wouldn't go to close to the edge - it's a long way down! Don't bring kids unless they are on a leash.

6. Yosemite Falls

In Yosemite Valley the main attraction is Yosemite Falls. If you are up for a challenge or like hiking then you can hike a few hours to the Upper Falls. Or you can just enjoy the Lower Falls with only a few minutes walk.

7. Tunnel View

A short drive outside of Yosemite Valley you'll find Tunnel View. It's a nice view point just off the road right after a tunnel. From here you can see some of Yosemite Valley and the rocky mountains.