Winter Wonderland: Why you should visit Bad Gastein during Winter

I went to Bad Gastein, Austria in my Winter break in February and I was astonished by the beauty of the city. As a tradition my family goes skiing each winter and this year, we luckily chose Bad Gastein, which brought much more than a skiing vacation and I'm sure it would be just as great in the Summer!

The Mountains

Even if you're not much for skiing, taking the gondala to the top of Stubnerkogel is worth it. The views from the top are magnificent. You get a 360 degrees view of the area and all the nearby mountains. You can eat at the restaurant on the top and then take the gondala back down. Stubnerkogel also has multiple viewing platforms and a hanging bridge, where you can dare your fear of heights.

Bad Gastein Waterfall

Even when half-frozen, the waterfall downtown is a beautiful sight. It's located in the middle of the city, which mean you don't have to look for it for long! In the Summer you can walk along the waterfall, but the road is closed in Winter because of the danger of slipping, which meant we could only see if from the bridge at the bottom of the waterfall.

The Views

Bad Gastein is one of the prettiest Austrian cities I've seen. The grand hotels and the mountain backdrops make it an almost fairytale-ish view. To get this shot, try to find higher ground (or just get a hotel with a view like I did). You can find this angle if you follow the waterfall up. The city itself has a great atmosphere and is worth just walking around in.



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