How to get the most out of a weekend-getaway in romantical Paris

Romantic weekend getaway to the beautiful city of Paris. Paris is known as the city of love and the perfect place to take a break from your busy everyday life and go explore the beautiful city!

Read about my favourite things to see and do in Paris. My boyfriend and I went to Paris in September 2017. We took a few days of to make it a long weekend. It was low season and it almost felt like we had the whole city to ourselves (not completely true). It was about 15 degrees celcius most days, but we were lucky with the weather. Somedays we could even wear a t-shirt! And the best part was that everything was less crowded than in the holiday season! That means short queues yay! You can often find cheap tickets on

Baguettes & cheese at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous stops in Paris - and for a reason! The huge steel construction is one of the coolest buildings I've seen. We went to a few stores before visiting and bought baguettes, cheese, strawberries or whatever our hearts desired! In front of the tower is a huge park, where it's possible to lay out a blanket and have a picnic lunch with the most beautiful view! There's a lot of people of course, but it's not as cramped as expected. The green area is huge and you have lots of free space around you!

Tour Eiffel by night

After visiting the Eiffel Tower by day, it's time to do it by night! Every night from sundown till 1am you can watch the light show. The show starts in the beginning of every hour and lasts 5 minutes - except for the last show which lasts 10 minutes. It's really spectacular and worth a visit! You can also watch it from along the Seine River.

If you are thinking about paying to go up there, bear in mind that it's very expensive and you'll probably have to stand in line for a while... And I'd rather have the Eiffel Tower in my skyline view. However, Montmartre provides a very pretty and FREE view over the city. You can see it from the steps in front of the church Sacre-Coeur and also enjoy some of the cafés and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Love locks at Pont Neuf

The oldest standing bridge across the Seine River and home to the many love-locks located on the side of the bridge. Make your mark and buy a lock from one of the many street sellers or bring one from back home (much cheaper). Put your names on it or just look at the thousands other names there! A tip? DO NOT play with the street artists. It won't end well. Talking from experience ya'll...

Note: The locks are not on the actual bridge but on the side of the bridge, so don't be disappointed if you can't see it at first hand.

The Louvre's mixture of modern & old

The Louvre is a must to see when in Paris. Even just the building. The old beautiful fortress and the modern glass pyramid is a combination people either love or hate! I think it's a cool statement, connecting modern style and old history like that. The Art Museum inside holds the famous painting Mona Lisa and best of all: It's free for all European citizens between 18-25 years!

Visit Notre Dame

Every one has seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame as a child. Therefore, you have to go see the place in real life! Of course the architecture is cool too. And the inside is beautiful. But I mean... It's in a Disney movie!! You have to go and see it for yourself. Maybe you can spot some of the gargoyles from the movie.

Best thing is: It's free for European citizens between 18-25 years - just bring your passport!

Try to find Point Zero

When visiting Notre Dame, go look for Point Zero on the public square in front of the church. Point Zero is embedded in the concrete near the church and acts as a geographic marker from which the distance between Paris and every other places are judged. People have made it into a place of many rituals, like spinning on one foot on top of it to gain a wish, kiss a loved one for eternal love, or using it as a wishing well by throwing coins.

Arc de Triumphe mixed with some window shopping

Located at Place Charles de Gaulle (Place de l'Étoile) at the end of the main street Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It's one of the most famous landmarks of Paris and a perfect end to some shopping or window shopping on Champs-Élysées - the most famous shopping street in Paris. We were unlucky with the weather when visiting, but the triumphal arch was still spectacularly looking.

Where to eat?

Breakfast - My absolute favorite place was a small café called Holybelly. It's so good! They have whatever your heart desires. Do you want pancakes? Sure! Eggs and bacon? Of course! Maybe with a side of hashbrowns, baked beans, cheese, etc? You got it! Chia pudding or granola maybe? Yes sir! It opens at 9am everyday! Do yourself a favor and go there!!

Crepes - a must of course. You can find them on almost every street corner and they are all delicious! Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.



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