The best ways to enjoy the sunset in the sunset-chasers' paradise: Santorini

Sunsets on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece are probably the thing Santorini is best known for - after the iconic white houses and blue rooftops of course. When the day is almost over, the tourists flock to Oía - the mekka of Santorini sunsets and one of the most beautiful of Santorini's whitewashed villages.

The hours around sunset it gets almost impossible to get around in the streets and every little spot with just a small view of the sunset and the caldera becomes occupied. If you have the money for it, you can become on of the lucky ones sitting on your own unobscured balcony or rooftop with a perfect view.

After a week I had still not grown tired of the Santorini sunsets, which is equally beautifully orange and pink everyday without exception, and everyday I chose a new sunset spot to find the best ways to enjoy the sunset in Santorini. Below, I'm sharing all of my favourites and some tips on how to visit them.

1. Oía Castle

The very best sunset view is also the most popular one unfortunately. Even with the crowds, you can't beat the view from the castle ruins in Oía. From here you can see both sides of Oía and watch how the city turns from white to yellow-ish and also the caldera. Behind the city you'll see the sun going down and then the sky turning orange and pink. It's the most perfect picture I've ever taken.

When going here for sunset, the best thing to do is going a few hours before (at least one) to get a good spot. If you're lucky you'll find a place to sit down. We decided to buy some bread and cheese at a local store and have a picnic while we waited.

2. Oía Church Bells

The Church Bells are also popular but not as popular as the castle. There's not a lot of space here as well, so going early is also a must. We got lucky and found the only place where it's possible to sit down while watching the sun setting. At the Church Bells you'll only see one side of the city and that's the side that's furthest away from the sunset, however, it's still a beautiful spot.

3. The Lighthouse

This one is if you want to get away from the crowds for a day. Its located near Red Beach but the only way to get to the lighthouse is by scooter or quad, since the bus doesn't go further than the beach. This is why there's not as many people and you'll get an unspoiled view of the sunset over the ocean.

4. From a sunset restaurant in Fira

The sunset in Santorini fits perfectly with dinnertime! Oía is not the only place where you can watch the sunset. The sunset is beautiful in Fira as well and it is much easier to find a restaurant with a free table with sunset view even without reservations. You can just walk into city centre and the sunset restaurants are everywhere - if you want to be sure that they'll have a nice view you can walk towards the stairs to Old Port where almost every restaurant is by the sea.

We stayed in Fira and went to a few different restaurants for the sunset and we never had a reservation but we could always see the sunset! The food is also cheaper than the sunset restaurants in Oía, which are a bit pricey.

5. From a sunset restaurant in Oía

If you want to see the sunset in Oía, but you don't want to stand for a few hours with a bunch of other tourists, you can reserve a table at a sunset restaurant and watch it while you're served traditional Greek food and fresh seafood. The sunset restaurants are very popular in Oía and it's hard to get a table without a reservation. We wanted to book a table for the next day, but it was impossible to find a free table so we had to book for a day later on the week. The most famous place is called The Sunset Restaurant, but a bit cheaper option is something like the restaurant, Pelekanos, where we ate one night.



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