The 7 most instagrammable spots in Ubud

I've spent a lot of hours dreaming myself away to tropical destinations and one place I really miss is Bali and all it's picture perfect beauty. One of my favourite villages is Ubud because it has literally everything. Jungle, waterfalls and good food, however, I recommend renting a scooter to go exploring because Ubud is not a walking city. Every corner of Bali is an instagrammer's paradise so it was easy to collect the most instagrammable spots in Ubud – it was harder to choose my favourite seven though! I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next Bali vacay.

1. The Bali Swing

Have you even visited Bali without a photo on a swing? It's a must and the Bali Swing about 20 minutes from the city centre, is a good place to do so! It's very safe and you can choose between a bunch of different swings overlooking the prettiest view of the palm tree jungle. Get there early to avoid standing in line. They opened at 8am when we visited. I payed $35 to try all the swings and Jacob payed $10 to come with me to take pictures. It's a bit expensive but a fun experience (and pretty photos).

2. Tibumana Waterfall

One of my favourite waterfalls in all of Bali. We went in the morning and got the whole place to ourselves which made it extra magical compared to some of the other bigger but very touristy waterfalls... To visit most waterfalls in Bali you have to climb up and down stairs which is something complete agony and sometimes okay. Tibumana Waterfall is not one of the worst climbs, and the water falls into a little pool of water you can swim in and relax before going back up.

3. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Another must visit near Ubud is the rice terraces at Tegalalang. About 30 minutes from the city, you'll find probably the most famous place in Bali and it's free - except they expect a little donation. The rice terraces are beautiful all of the year. In October, when we visited, the rice fields were lush green. The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset. At these hours the sun hits the fields with the most beautiful light making it even more dreamy!

4. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Another prety waterfall near Ubud is Tukad Cepung Waterfall, which is a little different from the rest. The waterfall is basically located inside a CAVE and when the heavenly sun rays seep into the cave-like formation, it creates the most spectacular view. The whole experience to the waterfall is something else too... The walk to the waterfall takes you through a canyon and small rivers, so don't wear your favourite shoes.

5. Bali Botanica Spa

After exploring the village and markets, we wanted to relax at a pretty Bali Spa. We had preordered a flower bath and massage at the Bali Botanica Spa and it was the loveliest experience. It was only $9 for a massage and a bath I'll never forget. I think I'll have my tea in the bath tub a bit more often from now on...

6. Ubud Monkey Forrest

Ubud is surrounded by jungle, so it's pretty easy to experience both jungle and city life in the same day. Ubud Monkey Forrest is in one end of Ubud, and is such a fun place for a walk and to snap some monkey pics. Some of the monkeys are itchy-fingered so don't bring a backpack with an easy zipper and watch out for sunglasses and jewellery. We saw a monkey sitting on a guys backpack while he was wearing it, unzip it and run off with his charger without him even knowing. But they are pretty cute looking, aren't they?

7. A bamboo cottage or tree house

Ubud is THE place to stay in a cottage in the rice terraces or a tree house in the jungle. You'll find so many options to choose some. A few very pricey options, but also a few fairly priced stays that are still really cool. Like this eco bamboo cottage we stayed at for our stay in Ubud.

So that's my list of my seven favourites, but I couldn't end this without coming with a few extra recommendations for your time in Ubud...

Other places not to miss when visiting Ubud:

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk (for a beautiful sunset)

  • The Ubud Art Market (great deals every day from 9am)

My favourite lunch spots in Ubud:

  • El Mexicano (near the Monkey Forrest)

  • Lazy Cat Café (close to the Art Market and Campuhan Ridge Walk)



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