Northern Denmark's small wonders: 4 incredible places to see

This Autumn I had a week off from school and I wanted to go somewhere I hadn't been before. I moved to Jutland, Denmark about four months ago to study, and I realised that I haven't really seen much of Jutland. When you live in a country you sometimes take it for granted and I'd definitely done that so I decided to see what Northern Jutland had to offer and I was in for a surprise! Here you have four wonders of Northern Denmark.

Rebild Hills (Rebild Bakker)

The National Park is located near Aalborg and is named after its heather-clad hills. The nature here is gorgeous - especially in Autumn when the leafs turn yellow, red and purple.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Rubjerg Knude is located in Lønstrup in North-West Jutland. The sand dunes are right next to the ocean, which is a problem because of the windy weather in Denmark. When the lighthouse was build, it was Lønstrup Klint's highest point with its 60 meter above sea and 200 meters from the cliff. As time went by, the sea got closer and the wind took all the sand and moved the cliff closer to the lighthouse and around it. Today it is not functional because it is sand-covered and the lighthouse will disappear into the ocean in approx. ten years.

ARoS, Aarhus

Aarhus or the City of Smiles is the second largest city in Denmark and located in Eastern Jutland. Aarhus has lots to offer, which I had never really explored before. One way to see the city is from the famous rainbow at ARoS. ARoS is a modern art museum and definitely worth a visit when in Aarhus. From the top of ARoS you get to see the city in all of the colours of the rainbow!

Råbjerg Mile (the Danish Sahara)

Another sand dune of Northern Jutland is Råbjerg Mile. This one is located further away from the ocean and only an hour from Skagen, the famous old holiday city for lots of Danes. Råbjerg Mile is Denmark's biggest sand dune and it's a overwhelming scenery! The dunes moves 15 meter North-East every year.



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