A mouth watering New York Guide for people with a sweet tooth

If there's one thing I love, it's food so of course one of the most important things for me when traveling, is trying some fun and delicious foods! When I booked my trip to New York, I researched all must-try foods and after trying everything I could squeeze in, I narrowed it down to my Top Six snack-must-eats in NYC!

Dough, Flatiron

If you like doughnuts, then Dough is a must! Their doughnuts taste homemade and bonus: they are twice as big as a normal doughnut. The store is located almost next to the Flatiron building, so if you're going there anyway I would say it's a no-brainer. The store has two locations - you can also find it in Brooklyn.

Ample Hill Creamery, Brooklyn

This ice cream shop in Brooklyn is famous and I see why. They have really fun flavours and instagram-friendly interior. There was a line, however, it went really fast and I got my ice cream in no time. I chose the cookie dough flavour because I'm a sucker for chocolate chip cookies.

Eggloo, Chinatown

More fun ice cream! In Chinatown or East Village you can buy the famous bubble waffles with whatever ice cream and topic you prefer. I had to try this, because I've always seen it in pictures and wanted to taste it myself.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, SoHo

As earlier stated, I am a sucker for cookie dough. Which is why I had to try the famous cookie and milk shots! You buy these "glass" made of cookie dough with a chocolate interior. Then you get a small bottle of milk and you take the shot. Easy peasy. The shots were kinda expensive and they didn't have any freshly baked - still a trip worth I would say. And the bakery also has tons of other baked goods.

Pretzels, Central Park

I guess you can get Pretzels almost everywhere in New York, but it was a really nice snack when walking around in Central Park. In Denmark we don't really eat or have pretzels, but we looooooove bread, which is why I think it's something to try when in New York. It's really salty bread, which is different than bread in Denmark, but I like it!

The Bagel Store, Chelsea Market

Get a rainbow bagel with creme cheese. I've never seen a bagel in those colours that actually tasted good before! Also the Chelsea Market in general has lots of food worth trying! It's located near the Highline and worth a visit.

That was my six food-stops in New York! If you haven't gotten enough, then Gansevoort Market is also pretty cool. If you want pizza, then try the famous Joe's Pizza. I didn't get to try it because it was closed the day I visited unfortunately, but it's on my list for next time!