My 10 favourite places in Copenhagen

Have you ever visited Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark? As a Dane, I've always taken Denmark a bit for granted and Copenhagen included... But since the lockdown started, I've seen more of the country than ever before and I'm in awe of all its beauty! Copenhagen is a big city that's always buzzing with people, but still enough down-to-earth and calm that you can also relax when visiting. The city is full of beautiful old architecture, good food, shops and just a great vibe. I've gathered all my favourite spots in Copenhagen for your inspiration – both touristy and lesser known. I hope the world opens up soon, so you'll experience just how wonderful Copenhagen is.

1. Nyhavn Canal

This is a must on any Copenhagen list! Yes, it is one of the most touristy places to go (probably only beaten by the Little Mermaid) but it's a beauty, which is why it attracts so many photographers from both Denmark and the rest of the world. I bet ya, if you search "Copenhagen, Denmark" on Instagram – you'll see photos of Nyhavn!

Location Nyhavn (for the exact photo location search "Charlottenborg Castle" on google maps)

Price – FREE (unless you want to go on a canal tour)

What to do – Take a stroll along the canal or go on a canal boat tour

When to visit – It is most crowded at lunch time, so I'd say at dusk or dawn

2. Glyptoteket

Whether you are an art lover or not, this museum is a must! Glyptoteket itself is a work of art. Every room is so beautiful, and if you don't believe me – check out the photos! Make sure you visit the Winter Garden in the centre of the building. It's a huge greenery in the middle of the museum with a dome roof of glass and a cute little café.

Location – Dantes Plads 7, 1556 København V

Price – 115 DKK (85 DKK for under 27 and FREE for everyone on Tuesdays)

What to do – enjoy the art and have a coffee with the plants

When to visit – Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm (Thursdays from 10am to 9pm)

3. Palmehuset

A little tropical paradise in the middle of Copenhagen. Palmehuset (The Palm House) is a greenhouse in Copenhagen's botanical garden. Take a walk inside the beautiful glass dome, take some photos in the spiral staircase and walk up there to see the greenery from above! On the way out, you'll walk through a little cactus farm and a butterfly garden!

Location – Botanisk Have, Gothersgade 128,1123 København K

Price – 60 DKK (40 DKK for students)

What to do – Enjoy the plants and get warmed up in the colder months

When to visit – Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30am to 3.30pm in the winter months and 5pm in the summer

4. The King's Garden and Rosenborg Castle

The King's Garden is one of my favourite parks in all of Copenhagen. In the spring, the park is full of cherry blossom trees and in the autumn, the leaves on the trees and allées (avenues) turn into the most beautiful scenery. The King's Garden is also home to Rosenborg Castle, one of the many beautiful castles in Denmark.

Location – Kongens have

Price – FREE

What to do – Enjoy the views or have a picnic in the grass

When to visit – All day

5. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens amusement park is a must see in Copenhagen – no matter if you want to try out the rides or not. Tivoli is located right in the centre of the city which makes it extra unique! Some of the higher rides have some of the best views of central Copenhagen. But Tivoli has much more to offer than just rides... The scenery is beautiful, the vibes are great and at night, the garden is lit up by thousands of fairytale lights. No matter what season you are visiting, Tivoli Gardens will be a completely new experience. They go all-in with decorations for every season! Whether it's cozy summer vibes, scary Halloween deco or Winter Wonderland

Location – Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V

Price – 135 DKK for a day pass without rides (or 245 DKK for a multi-ride ticket)

What to do – Try out the rides & enjoy the gardens

When to visit – Usually open from 11am till 11pm

6. The Marble Church

Frederik's church, located right next to the Queen's home, Amalienborg, is a magnificent marble church (hence the nickname). It resembles the churches of the Vatican City with the beautiful dome in the middle. Afterwards it would be pretty stupid not to go the 100 meters down the street to see Amalienborg Palace. If you time it right, you can be there for the changing of the Royal Guards which happens every day at noon.

Location – Frederiksgade 4, 1265 København K

Price – FREE between noon and 5pm

What to do – See the church and the changing of the Royal Guards at Amalienborg Palace

When to visit – At noon

7. Magstræde

Magstræde is a very famous little street. The street is one of the few old preserved streets from the 1600 or 1700 with cobbled roads and old colourful brick houses. Magstræde and Snaregade is Copenhagen's two oldest citizens' houses. It's honestly just a cute street, so stop by if you are nearby!

Location – Magstræde, 1204 København

Price – FREE

What to do – Snap a photo

When to visit – All day

8. Tårnet (the Tower)

If you want to experience on of the best views of Copenhagen, do it from the tallest tower in Copenhagen. The Tower is located inside Christiansborg Palace. It's open between 11am and 9pm all days except Monday, however, be ready to stand in line for a while; they only have room for 40 people at the same time and it's free.

Location – Christiansborg Slotsplads (Prins Jørgens Gård 1), 1218 København

Price – FREE

What to do – Enjoy Copenhagen from above

When to visit – 30 minutes before they open (11am) or before they close (9pm) to beat the crowds

9. Superkilen

Superkilen Park is an urban open space in Nørrebro, the northern part of Copenhagen. The park is split into three areas: The Red Square, The Black Market and The Green Park. The Red Square is portraying the modern, urban life in the city with cafés, music and sports. The Black Market shows the cultural diversity in Nørrebro. You can experience sculptures from Japan and fountains from Morocco. The Green Park is a classic park with room for picnics, sports and walks.

Location – Nørrebrogade 210, 2200 København N

Price – FREE

What to do – Take a walk, play sports, skate and so on...

When to visit – All day

10. All the amazing restaurants!!

One of the most important things on my itineraries are FOOD! Luckily, Copenhagen is a paradise for food lovers with food from all over the wold in all price ranges. If it's your first time in Denmark, don't forget to try a true Danish food experience: Smørrebrød (open faced sandwich). With a base of rye bread, Smørrebrød has almost a limited numbers of topics. Copenhagen is also home to lots of Michelin Restaurants like noma, but I'm more of a budget traveller myself, so here's just a few amazing budget-friendly places to eat at:

The Laundromat Café – brunch place and a laundromat at the same time

GRØD – porridge of all kinds for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

California Kitchen – delicious salad bowls!

Next Door Café – great cheap place for breakfast and cool vibes

DØP – organic hot dogs

Sankt Peders Bageri – bakery famous for there Wednesday's cinnamon rolls

Paludan bogcafe – eat brunch between all the books

La Neta – authentic Mexican food

Tommi's Burger Joint – amazing burgers

The Laundromat Café – enjoy a perfect brunch while you wait for the laundry to finish
The Laundromat Café – enjoy a perfect brunch while you wait for the laundry to finish
Paludan Bogcafé (book café)
Paludan Bogcafé (book café)



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