Things to know before visiting the Figure Eight Pools near Sydney

The Figure 8 pools are located in the Royal National Park one hour from Sydney. The place is dotted with natural rock pools and beautiful nature. Read more about how to get there and when to go!


You can go to the Eight Figure Pools by either car or train.

By car you have to drive 40 min. from Sydney to Garrawarra Farm Carpark. From there you follow the coastal tracks for about 3.5 km to Burning Palm Beach. The walk is very steep and after a dip in the pools you have to walk back again.

By train you have to take the train from Central Station to Otford with the Llawarra Line. (You can use your Opal card if you have one - I did this.) It takes about an hour from Sydney. From the station you go up stairs and walk up the hill (almost the worst part about the whole walk). Then you turn left on the main road until you reach the beginning of the park. Then you have to follow the Royal National Park Coastal Walk for about 6 km through Palm Jungle to Burning Palm Beach.

The Figure Eight Pools are south of Burning Palm Beach, but you have to go to the beach to reach them. They are on the second headland. First you have to scramble over some rocks to reach them. But then you'll be rewarded with beautiful instagrammable photos (look up #figureeightpools)!

Burning Palm Beach, The Royal National Park

The first headland before the rock pools


Don't go if the weather is bad because the waves are very dangerous! You have to go over some rocks where the water hits and splashes over the rocks, which can be dangerous. Therefore, you also have to go at LOW TIDE! You can see the tide schedule here! It's only possible to access the Figure Eight Pools when the tide is lower than 1m and maybe an hour before or after.

So before you go: Check the tide and the surf conditions! It's not fun to walk there and find that it's not possible to reach or the pools are flooded (making it impossible to see the rock pools). Don't try to go anyway, because people have been seriously injured doing this.

Additionally, try planning your trip in the week since there's lots of people in the weekend - both tourists and locals!

Read more about the Figure Eight Pools here!

The eight-shaped pool at the Figure Eight Pools is found in the middle of the headland near the water edge.

A smaller eight-shaped pool but just as fun!