3 places to stop when driving through incredible Death Valley

Death Valley is a HOT place to see. It's a crazy desert park only hours away from the lush nature of Yosemite National Park. We drove through the National Park on our way to Las Vegas from Yosemite. Death Valley is all desert, sand dunes and awesome rock formations that almost looks like a cartoon! Here's a few reasons to go to Death Valley.


Early in the morning or late in the afternoon is the only time to go - unless you are ready to sacrifice your car/rental car. We started our drive through the park at sunrise and ended it by 10am and it was already 100 degrees fahrenheit (40 celcius). Some rental car companies won't give you insurance for the Death Valley area so be cautious and plan beforehand!

The Sand Dunes

In the middle of the desert there's a big pile of sand. Hot sand dunes - I wouldn't stay there too long. In the background you can see the snowy Sierra Nevada right beside the hot desert. It's a really surreal experience.

The Zabriskie Point

The viewpoint, called Zabriskie Point, is the best view of the badlands of Death Valley. The view reveals these crazy rock formations that looks like it's almost taken out of a drawing.

Baldwater Basin

I didn't get a picture here, but the salt flats are one of the largest protected salt flats in the world and is definitely a experience like no other.