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Hey! I am Tilly (short for Mathilde). You can find me over on my instagram @tillys_travels. I'm a Danish girl, travel blogger, self-taught photographer, aspiring graphic designer and lover of road trips. Forever with a camera in hand, hoping to inspire more people to travel the world and always take lots of photos!

My story is that I went solo traveling for two months i 2018 and I haven't been able to stop ever since. Now I travel with my boyfriend Jacob and we dream about doing it full-time! That's my dream "job", my day-job is as a visual & digital designer in Aarhus, Denmark, however, I travel whenever I can – sometimes bringing my work with me, hereby bringing my two worlds together <3


So far I've been to over 25 beautiful countries with many more to come. But I won't get into that – you can check out some of the countries on my destination page if you are curious.

I hope I can inspire you with my photography and make your travel preps a little easier by sharing my experiences and travel tips. Oh! and thank you so much for following along on my journey!!

 Who is tillystravels? 

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